Nanoelectronics Theory of Nanostructures

The Group of Theory of Nanostructures explores new physical phenomena at the nanoscale with potential applications in useful nanoelectronic devices. A significant part of our effort is devoted to the study of spin related effects at the nanoscale, or nanospintronics. Broadly speaking, our quest has two complementary approaches. One one side we are exploring conventional nanostructures, like quantum dots and wires, made of unconventional (from the massive application point of view) materials like graphene, topological insulators and magnetic semiconductors. On the other side, we are looking at the ultimate limit of miniaturization, single atom devices, of conventional systems, like Silicon nanotransitors.




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Former Group Members


  • Jhon W. González, now at Center of Materials Physics, San Sebastian, Spain
  • Krzysztof Kosmider, now at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain


Group manager Joaquín Fernández-Rossier