Alex Bondarchuk

Facility Manager
AEMIS Facility

Alex is a surface scientist with expertise in using state-of the-art surface characterization techniques (XPS/UPS/ AES, SAM/SEM, STM/AFM, etc).
He obtained his PhD from University of Kiev, Ukraine and worked as a Post-Doc at the University of Maryland, Pacific Northwest National Lab, Richland, WA and Fritz Haber Institute, Berlin applying combinations of the surface sensitive methods to relate atomic structure and physicochemical activity for various inorganic materials in the form of thin films, nanoparticles, powders, organic materials and ionic liquids.
Before joining the INL in January 2018, Alex worked for six years as a head of surface analysis unit at the research centre CIC Energigune, Spain. He has co-authored more than 45 scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals and he obtained in the year 2017 a Salvador de Madariaga research grant from Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport.

Selected Publications