Aline Marie Fernandes

Scientific Associate
Applied Nano-Optics

Aline Marie Fernandes is currently a MPA scientific associate at the Applied Nano-Optics Group of the Life Sciences Department. Over the past 10 years she has been working on stem cell biology and cell therapy. Aline has been one of the principle scientists of a project funded by CAPES, a Brazilian ministerial agency for scientific funding, that started in 2014 thereby establishing a collaboration between the biophysics institute of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) and the Applied Nano-Optics group at the INL. Her current research focuses on the design and optical characterization of liposomal formulations for applications in nanomedicine.

Aline Marie obtained a BSc degree in Chemistry (2001), followed by a MSc degree in Biotechnology (2004) and subsequently obtained a PhD degree in Morphological Science (2009). She has been involved in the conception and implementation of several student courses related to pluripotent stem cells at UFRJ. Recently, she organized the first biophysics postdoctoral workshop at UFRJ. Aline Marie has contributed to six peer reviewed articles, participated in the writing and execution of several >1m$ national scientific projects and has a strong participation track-record in national as well as international conferences.

Selected Publications