Ana Gabriela Barroso de Azevedo

Research Laboratory Assistant
Food Processing and Nutrition

Ana Gabriela Azevedo is a Research Laboratory Assistant in the Food Processing Group. Her research is focused on developing new sustainable and biodegradable food packaging. She works on edible and biodegradable films and coatings for packaging, nanoparticles production and encapsulation of active compounds using emergent encapsulation technologies.

Gabriela holds a Graduation (2007) degree in Applied Chemistry, Area of Plastic Materials from the University of Minho (UM) and Master (2008) degree in Formulation and Technology of Product (Application in Chemistry, Agri-food and Pharmaceutical Industry) from University of Huelva.
Since she finished her master’s degree, she has been working as a researcher in different innovation projects and the development of new products that could be useful to society. The diversity of projects in which she was involved allowed her to acquire extensive experience in biodegradable polymers, biopolymers, plastic transformation technologies, and characterization and analysis techniques.

She published 4 scientific papers in International Journals as 1st author and is co-author in other 7 scientific papers and 1 book chapter.
She was awarded the scientific excellence award by the I3N – Institute for Nanostructures, Nanomodelling and Nanofabrication for the work “NaCl and KCl phase diagrams of kappa / iota-hybrid carrageenans extracted from Mastocarpus stellatus“ published at journal Food Hydrocolloids, vol. 37, 2014, IF 4.280, with the highest impact factor during the I3N annual meeting in 2015.