Ana Castanheira

Research Laboratory Assistant
Water Quality

Ana joined INL as a Research Laboratory Assistant in the Water Quality Group, Department of Life Sciences, to work on the development of Lab-on-a-chip systems for detection of microalgal toxins under Begoña Espiña’s supervision.

She holds a Master degree in Biological Engineering (2013) from University of Minho (Portugal). Her MSc thesis was focused on the development of a microfluidic platform for multiplex detection and quantitation of protein biomarkers. This work was carried out at Capillary Film Technology Ltd, in the UK, where she started working as a Research Assistant, in 2013. She acquired expertise in microfluidics and point-of-care and Lab-on-a-chip applications, focusing on the development of highly sensitive assays using affordable technologies. By the end of 2016, she joined Instituto de Investigação e Inovação em Saúde (i3S), in Portugal, to study the effect of pericardial fluid in the myocardial fibrosis and the potential of microRNAs as biomarkers/therapeutic targets to detect/revert myocardial fibrosis.

Selected Publications

  • Ana I Barbosa, Ph.D.; Ana P Castanheira, MSc, Nuno M Reis, Ph.D.
    “Sensitive optical detection of clinically relevant biomarkers in affordable microfluidic devices: overcoming substrate diffusion limitations”
    Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical journal. 258: 313-320, 2018
  • Castanheira, A., Barbosa, A., Edwards A., Reis, N.
    “Multiplexed femtomolar quantitation of human cytokines in a fluoropolymer microcapillary film”
    Analyst. 140: 5609–5618, 2015