Ana Frangolho

Research Fellow

Ana joined the INL in May 2020 as a Research Fellow in the Nanodevices group to continue her work on the development of detection platforms for foodborne pathogens within the FoodSense project.

Ana graduated from the University of Coimbra, Portugal, in 2006 in Chemistry and has over 10 years experience in the nanobiotechnology field, mainly on the development of new technologies for biosensing applications. In 2010, she joined the spin-off company of the JRC Plasmore SRL, in Italy, after a one-year internship at the JRC, to work on the development of a portable imaging SPR biosensor. In 2012, she was seconded to RIKILT – Food Safety Research Institute in The Netherlands, to develop multiplex applications for contaminants detection in complex food matrices using optical biosensors. In 2016, she moved to Spain to be part of the spin-off company Nanoimmunotech SL, working as a researcher in national and international projects mainly focused on the development of sensing devices.