Andrea Cruz

Research Fellow

Andrea is Marie-Curie COFUND research fellow at INL at the System Biology Group, Cell Mechanics Laboratory under supervision of Ines Mendes Pinto. She is working on the development of a lab-on-chip for the detection of neuroinflammation and in the identification of actomyosin-based biomarkers relevant for microglia activation.

Andrea has a graduation in Microbiology at the Faculty of Biotechnology – Portuguese Catholic University (Portugal) and an International Master in Biotechnology by the Montfort University (UK). She has a Ph.D in Health Sciences, from the from the School of Medicine, University of Minho in the field of cellular and molecular immunology and has done her Post-doctoral at ICVS and at the Trudeau Institute in the disease biomarker identification and in the developments on drug delivery systems for the treatment of infectious diseases; and also at the, Institute for Molecular and Cell Biology (IBMC/I3S) Porto, on the regulation of gene expression in microglia, oligodendrocytes and neuronal cells.

Selected Publications