Bin Wei

Research Fellow

Atomic Manipulation for Quantum Nanotechnology

Bin Wei is a Research Fellow in the Atomic Manipulation for Quantum Nanotechnology group, Department of Quantum Materials, Science and Technology (QMST). He has been working on electron microscopy and in situ characterization. Currently, his research topic is about 2D materials and devices. He focuses on probing the structure-property interplay of 2D material systems at the atomic scale. His research interest also includes characterization of energy materials by aberration-corrected transmission electron microscopy. He obtained a Ph.D in condensed matter physics from Beijing University of Technology. He has done his post-doctoral work at McGill University, where he worked on TEM and SEM characterization of battery materials. After that he worked as research professor at Sungkyunkwan University in South Korea, where he concentrated on Phase transition in 2D-MoTe2 and stacking devices.

Selected Publications