Buse Naz Gürbüz

Research Fellow
Food Processing and Nutrition

Buse Naz Gürbüz is a research fellow in the Food Processing and Nutrition group. She is currently working on the project entitled “hOLIVEcream – Healthy olive oil-based creams enriched with berries for application in bakery and pastry” which aims to develop lipid-based creams, with the incorporation of red fruits using clean label ingredients, in particular, creams with lower saturated fat content and higher antioxidant content. Her research focuses on the development of new formulations for oleogels and emulgels through unsaturated fats. As well as her research consists of determining textural and sensorial characteristics of newly developed cremes and ensuring the organoleptic properties of the newly developed products.

Buse holds a Master´s Degree in Food Science and Technology from Porto University and Minho University. Her experience in sensory and chemical analysis with a specialization in food sustainability permits her a new point of view on new food product development. Her interests in the area of food sciences include consumer science, sustainability of production and consumption, biotechnology, microbiology, and nanotechnology.