Efres Belmonte

Research Fellow

Dr. Efres Belmonte-Reche joined Manuel Bañobre’s Group as a research fellow. His main objective is to synthesize, characterize and evaluate in in vitro and in vivo models the effect of externally triggered local treatments for cancer through a target-less drug carrier strategy.

Efres is a bachelor in pharmacy from the University of San Pablo-CEU and a PharmD from the University of Granada/CSIC. His doctoral thesis entitled “Glycosyl and alkyl modifications on potential therapeutic drugs targeting parasitic, cancer and neurodegenerative diseases” involved all aspects of the drug discovery process, including hit identification and hit to lead optimization. He designed, synthesized, purified, characterized and determined the biological potential (phenotypic and pharmacokinetic evaluation in in vivo and in vitro models) of various synthetic derivatives of natural phenols and G-Quadruplex binders as drug candidates.

To help his work, Efres also employed R statistical language to create several bioinformatic tools including a G-Quadruplex, i-Motif and higher-order quadruplex genomic search and analyser algorithm.

Selected Publications

  • E. Belmonte-Reche* and J.C. Morales
    G4-iM Grinder: DNA and RNA G-Quadruplex, i-Motif and higher order structure search and analyser tool
    submitted to Nucleic Acid Research, 2019. (* As corresponding author)