Ihsan Çaha

Research Fellow
Nanostructured Materials

Ihsan Çaha is a research fellow at the Nanostructured Materials Research Group, working on “Correlated Analysis of Inorganic Solar Cells in and outside an electron microscope” the project aims to fabricate in-situ TEM cartridges for carrying out electrical measurements of CIGS solar cells.

Ihsan received his PhD degree in Biomedical Engineering (2021) at University of Minho (Portugal). The main aim of his PhD project was to build a bio-multifunctional material; based on low Young’s modulus β-Ti alloys with hybrid bioactivated TiN rich hard surfaces. Bio-functionalization of metal matrix composites and TiN thin film surfaces was employed by using the electrochemical treatment and PVD treatment, respectively, through bioactive agents such as calcium, phosphorus, and ZnO. Also, the degradation mechanisms of bio-functionalized hybrid surfaces and TiN/ZnO coated surfaces were investigated by using different electrochemical and tribo-electrochemical techniques. During the last 4 years of his PhD, he has developed 10 scientific research papers as the first author, where 8 of them have already been published in peer-reviewed international journals, 2 of them are under review.

Selected Publications