Joice Sophia Ponraj

Research Fellow
Microfabrication and Exploratory Nanotechnology

Joice Sophia Ponraj is a Research Fellow at INL. She works at Department of Micro and Nanofabrication associated with the Microfabrication and Exploratory Nanotechnology (MeN) group. Her research project at INL is aimed at the realization of miniaturized gas sensors from two-dimensional nanosheets and to understand their hybrid devices. Her research interests are synthesis and studies of 2D materials and semiconducting nanostructures; micro/nanofabrication of nanodevices; nanostructures and 2D materials based sensors, sensing system and renewable energy storage and hybrid/coated graphene fibre based wearable electronics and optoelectronics.

Joice was awarded her Doctor of Philosophy in Epitaxial Growth of Germanium, Gallium Arsenide, Indium Gallium Phosphide and their Nanomechanical Studies from Anna University, Chennai, India. She was awarded prestigious Training and Research in Italian Laboratories fellowship three times by International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Trieste to work in Istituto dei Materiali per l’Elettronica ed il Magnetismo-CNR, Parma, Italy. She was bestowed “Italian-Indian Bilateral Programme for Young Indian Researchers” hosted by University of Ferrara, Italy and National Doctoral Fellowship by the All India Council of Technical Education, India during her PhD. She carried out postdoctoral research in FUNSOM, Suzhou University, China and worked as Assistant Professor in University of Information Science and Technology, St. Paul The Apostile, Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia. Joice is a DST INSPIRE Faculty Awardee with a research grant to work on the fabrication and studies of advanced photonic materials and devices.

Selected Publications

  • Tang X, Chen H, Ponraj JS, Dhanabalan SC, Xiao Q, Fan D, Zhang H
     Fluorination‐Enhanced Ambient Stability and Electronic Tolerance of Black Phosphorus Quantum Dots
    Advanced Science. 5(9):1800420 (2018)
  • Joice Sophia Ponraj, Zhinan Guo, Qiaoliang Bao and Han Zhang
     Emerging Trends in Phosphorene Fabrication towards Next Generation Devices
    Chander Dhanabalan, Advanced Science, 1600305, 1-32 (2017)
  • Yunzhou Xue, Yupeng Zhang, Yan Liu, Hongtao Liu, Jingchao Song, Joice Sophia, Jingying Liu, Zai-quan Xu, Qingyang Xu, Ziyu Wang, Jialu Zheng, Yunqi Liu, Shaojuan Li, and Qiaoliang Bao
    Scalable Production of Few-Layer MoS2/WS2 Vertical Heterojunction Array and Its Application for Photodetectors
    ACS Nano, 10, 573-580 (2016)
  • Joice Sophia Ponraj, Zai-Quan Xu, Sathish Chander Dhanabalan, Haoran Mu, Yusheng Wang, Jian Yuan, Pengfei Li, Siddharatha Thakur, Mursal Ashrafi, Kenneth Mccoubrey, Yupeng Zhang, Shaojuan Li, Han Zhang & Qiaoliang Bao
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    Nanotechnology, 27(46) 462001 (2016)
  • Zaiquan Xu, Yupeng Zhang, Shenghuang Lin, Changxi Zheng, Yuling Zhong, Xue Xia, Zhipeng Li, Joice Sophia P, Michael S. Fuhrer and Qiaoliang Bao
    Synthesis and Transfer of Large-Area Monolayer WS2 Crystals: Toward the Recyclable Use of Sapphire Substrates
    ACS Nano, 9 (6), 6178–6187 (2015)