José Queiroz

Research Fellow
Integrated Micro and Nanotechnologies 

José Queiroz is a Junior Research Fellow in the Integrated Micro and Nanotechnologies group at INL. Currently contributing to the design of the electronic interface of micro-sensors.

He has an MSc in Physics Engineering from the University of Coimbra during which he engaged into sensing/actuation of embedded electronic systems, as well as in micro-/nano-fabrication processes. His master thesis was done in the area of 3D direct laser writing (nano-polymerization), in collaboration with the Vilnius University Laser Research Centre. During his master’s final year, José also took courses at the RWTH Aachen University in the areas of nanostructures and particle physics instrumentation.

After his MSc, José enrolled in a 9-month internship at Bosch Braga, being part of the development team of novel optical sensors for autonomous driving.