Khalil El hajraoui

Research Fellow
Nanostructured Materials

Khalil El hajraoui is a Research Fellow taking part in the FCT project entitled “Correlated Analysis of Inorganic Solar Cells in and outside an Electron Microscope” at INL. He works at Department of Advanced Electron Microscopy Imaging and Spectroscopy, within the Nanostructured Materials research group. His research project at INL aims to test the applications related to in-situ TEM cartridges, specifically for carrying out electrical measurements of CIGS solar cells.

Khalil El hajraoui graduated from the University Cadi Ayyad in Marrakech – Morocco with a Bachelor in Science Chemistry. He then moved to France where he received a Master´s degree in material science and environment from the University Sud-Toulon-Var. Thereafter, he obtained a PhD in Nanophysics from the University of Grenoble in France, under the supervision of Dr Martien den Hertog and Dr Jean-luc Rouvière. During his PhD, his main task was to provide a better understanding of metal incorporation in semiconducting nanowires (NWs) by performing in-situ heating experiments in a transmission electron microscope (TEM) with the ultimate aim to achieve a Field Effect Transistor (FET).

Selected Publications

  • S. Kral, C. Zeiner, M. Stger-Pollach, E. Bertagnolli, M. I. den Hertog, M. Lopez-Haro, E. Robin, K. El Hajraoui and A. Lugstein
    Abrupt Schottky Junctions in Al/Ge Nanowire Heterostructures
    Nanoletter, 15, 2015
  • Ryll. H, Simson. M, Den Hertog, M.; Dunin-Borkowski. R, El Hajraoui. K, Hartmann. R, Huth. M, Ihle. S, Migunov. V, Schmidt. J, Soltau.H, Striider. L.
    Imaging At the Timescale Of Micro and Milliseconds With the pnCCD (S)TEM Camera
    Microscopy and Microanalysis, 21, 2015
  • K. El hajraoui, E. Robin, F.M. Brunbauer, A. Lugstein, J.L. Rouviere and M. I. den Hertog
    TEM analysis of aluminum metal diffusion in Ge nanowires
    Accepted in Nanoletter, 2019
  • K. El hajraoui, C. Zeiner, A. Lugstein, S. Kodjikian, E. Robin, J.L. Rouviere and M. I. den Hertog
    TEM analysis of surface diffusion of copper metal in Ge nanowires
    submitted to Nanoletter