Lara San Emeterio

Research Fellow 

Lara started at INL as a NanoTRAINforgrowth fellow in the spintronics group, to work on spin wave excitation, propagation and detection using nanopillar magnetic tunnel junctions.

Lara graduated in Physics from the University of Oviedo, and left Spain to do her thesis in England at the University of Leeds, where her research was a study on domain wall motion in perpendicular magnetised wires under the influence of a field and current. After, as a postdoc, she went to Cambridge University to develop superconductor devices for single photon detectors. She then moved to Grenoble in France to do a postdoc on magnetic tunnel junctions for MRAM applications.

Selected Publications

  • L. San Emeterio, B. Lacoste, B. Rodmacq, L.E. Nistor, M. Pakala, R. C. Sousa, B. Dien
    Field current phase diagrams of in-plane spin transfer torque memory cells with low effective magnetization storage layers
    Journal of Applied Physics 115, 17C713 (2014).
  • M. Tanner, L. San Emeterio, W.Jiang, Z. Barber, R. Warburton, R.H. Hadfield
    A superconducting nanowire single photon detector on lithium niobate
    Nanotechnology 23, 505201 (2012)
  • L. San Emeterio, K.Y. Wang, S. Lepadatu, S. Landi, S.J. Bending and C.H. Marrows
    Spin-transfer-torque-assisted domain-wall creep in a Co/Pt Multilayer wire
    Physics Review Letters 104, 137205 (2010)