Luana Benetti

Research Engineer

Luana has been Research Engineer at the Spintronics group since October 2022. Her work is focused on optimising complex spintronics device processes required to produce high-quality and highly reliable spintronic nano-devices explored in the context of spin dynamics research line.

Luana obtained her PhD degree in Physics in 2016 at the Federal University of Santa Catarina – UFSC (Brazil), where she worked on the development of nanoscillators based on magnetic tunnel junctions (MTJs) using TiW hard masks lithography. The main focus was to optimize the nanofabrication process, aiming to improve the shape of the nanopillar, and reduced the re-deposition and side wall shadow effect in the pillar definition. This research was developed in collaboration with INL through the CAPES-INL project. After her PhD, she kept working at UFSC on developing nanodevices to spin injection and detection in semiconductors substrates and graphene. Over the years, she has also worked in the material science field on the structural characterization of thin films by XRD and TEM.

In 2018, Luana joined INL as a Research Fellow at the Spintronics Group to work on NOVAMAG project funded by FCT under the supervision of Dr Alex Jenkins. Initially, her research was focused on the study of novel magnetic spin textures fully integrated into magnetic tunnel junctions. She became more proficient and specialized in cleanroom nanofabrication processes for spintronic devices. Consequently, Luana got involved in the nanofabrication of magnetic tunnel junction devices for nanoscillators within the scope of European projects and private companies.

Selected Publications