Magdalena Lepicka

Research Fellow

Magdalena Lepicka is currently a research fellow in the Nanoelectronics Engineering Department (Nanodevices Research Group) at INL. Her research is focused on the development of anti-wear films for deposition on metallic biomaterials, particularly titanium alloys. Her main research interests focus on designing wear tests for medical applications as well as methods for evaluation of anti-wear coatings.

Magdalena Lepicka is the graduate of Bialystok University of Technology, Poland. Her PhD focused on establishing the influence of surface modification on wear and corrosion performance on metallic implant alloys. Before joining INL she was an assistant professor at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Materials Engineering and Production at the Bialystok University of Technology.

Selected Publications

  • Łępicka M., Grądzka-Dahlke M., Pieniak D., Pasierbiewicz K., Niewczas A.
    Effect of mechanical properties of substrate and coating on wear performance of TiN- or DLC-coated 316LVM stainless steel
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  • Łępicka M., Grądzka-Dahlke M.,
    Surface Modification of Ti6Al4V Titanium Alloy for Biomedical Applications and Its Effect on Tribological Performance – a ReviewReviews on Advanced Materials Science (2016) Vol. 46, pp. 86–103
  • Łępicka M., Grądzka-Dahlke M.
    Surface Modification of AISI 440B Stainless Steel and Its Influence on Surgical Drill Bits Performance
    Archives of Metallurgy and Materials (2016) Vol. 61, pp. 1417–1423
  • Łępicka M., Grądzka-Dahlke M.
    The effect of anodizing conditions on the corrosion resistance of Ti6Al4V titanium alloy
    Materials Testing (2015) Vol. 59, pp. 393-397
  • Łępicka M., Grądzka-Dahlke M., Sadowska A., Romaniuk P
    Corrosion Resistance of TiN- and DLC- Coated Implant Alloys
    Surface Modification Technologies: SMT 2016, Milan 2016