Marta Oliveira

Staff Researcher

Marta Oliveira is a staff researcher in the Nanomedicine group of the Nano4 health unit, Department of Life Sciences. Her work focuses on the development and optimization of innovative nanotechnology-based tools to advance knowledge in the oncology field, envisaging clinical application. In particular, she is interested in detecting and characterizing rare tumor associated cells from body fluids for early diagnosis and improved monitoring of the disease, as well as studying cellular interactions taking place at the tumor microenvironment to identify new potential anti-cancer targets and/or novel malignant biomarkers.
Dr. Oliveira received both her BS in Biology (2001) and her PhD (2007) in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Porto, Portugal. Before joining INL, she worked as a Post-doctoral fellow at INEB, Porto, Portugal from 2007-2014, to elucidate the impact of the inflammatory response in tissue regeneration and cancer progression. At INL, her research interests bridge the frontiers of biology, clinical medicine and nanotechnology with the aim of fostering translational biomedical research.

Selected Publications

  • Cherré S, Fernandes E*, Germano J, Dias T, Cardoso S, Piedade MS, Rozlosnik N, Oliveira MI*, Freitas PP.
    Rapid and specific detection of cell-derived microvesicles using a magnetoresistive biochip.
    Analyst 142(6):979-986 (2017).
  • Oliveira MI, Pinto ML, Gonçalves RM, Martins MC, Santos SG, Barbosa MA.
    Adsorbed Fibrinogen stimulates TLR-4 on monocytes and induces BMP-2 expression.
    Acta Biomater 49:296-305 (2017).
  • James JR, Oliveira MI, Carmo AM, Iaboni A, Davis SJ.
    Macrophages stimulate gastric and colorectal cancer cell invasion: a mechanism involving EGFRY1086, cSrc, Erk1/2, Akt phosphorylation and smallGTPase activity.
    Oncogene, 2014;33(16):2123-33.
  • Oliveira MI, Santos SG, Oliveira MJ, Torres AL, Barbosa, MA.
    A rigorous experimental framework for detecting protein oligomerization using bioluminescence resonance energy transfer.
    Nat. Methods, 2006; 3: (12):1001-6.
  • V. F. Cardoso, T. Knoll, T. Velten, L. Rebouta, P. M. Mendes, S. Lanceros-Méndez, G. Minas.Polymer-based acoustic streaming for improving mixing and reaction times in microfluidic applications.
    RSC Advances. 2014. vol. 4(9),pp. 4292-4300.