Marta Vieira

Research Fellow
Food Processing and Nutrition

Marta Vinha Vieira is a Research Fellow of the Food Processing and Nutrition Research Group. She is currently working on the research project entitled “EnhanceMicroAlgae: High-added value industrial opportunities for microalgae in the Atlantic Area”,; which involves the extraction of bioactive compounds from different microalgae species, encapsulation of the extracted compounds, assessment of their biological activity and development of innovative microalgae-based functional foods.

Marta is a Pharmacist and Food Technologist who graduated from the Federal University of Santa Catarina (Brazil) and holds a master’s degree in pharmacy from the same University (2017). Marta’s research background is focused on the extraction of bioactive from natural resources to be used in the pharmaceutical and food area, as well as on formulation development through the application of nanotechnology, aimed at improving its physicochemical and functional properties.