Monica Quarato

Research Fellow
Water Quality

Monica joined INL in June 2019 as a Research Fellow at the Department of Life Science, within the Water Quality research group. Her research is focused on the development of a portable detection system for engineered inorganic nanoparticles in aquaculture water.

She holds a Bachelor degree in Biotechnology and a Master degree (2017) in Industrial Biotechnology from the University of Turin, studying the activation of the human complement system by GNPs. After, she joined the Trinity Translational Medicine Institute at Trinity College Dublin, where she worked as Research Assistant, focusing on the synthesis and characterization of NPs and their cytotoxic effect in in-vitro models. In 2018 she joined the Joint Research Centre (JRC), European Commission’s science and knowledge, located in Ispra (Italy), working on the development of standard protocols for the detection, identification and characterization of nanomaterials in complex matrices. She was also involved in the development of detection and quantification method for micro and nano-plastics in marine organisms.