Raquel Rodrigues

Research Fellow

Raquel Rodrigues obtained her PhD from the University of Porto in 2018, winning the Fraunhofer Best Portuguese PhD Thesis competition in Biomedical Engineering, in 2019. She is currently a Marie Curie Individual Fellow at the International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory, with a secondment at Harvard Medical School (Brigham Women’s Hospital, USA), with the project BrainChip4Med; and a scientific associate at CMEMS/U.Minho with an individual CEEC for junior researcher granted by FCT. She has been enrolled in 10 R&D projects, 1 as PI, published 25 papers in specialized international journals, 6 book chapters, 4 papers in conference proceedings, 2 cover articles and 1 provisional Patent. She has experience in the multidisciplinary field of nanomedicine, microfluidics, biosensors and development of organ-on-a-chip, acquired at highly recognised institutions, namely Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology (Fulbright Research Grant) and NASA Ames Research Centre (International Internship). Raquel’s professional ambition is to become an independent researcher in the area of nanomedicine and advanced diagnostic devices, which can bring meaningful and real impact to research and medicine.

Selected Publications