Ricardo Adão

Research Fellow
Ultrafast Bio- and Nanophotonics

Ricardo Adão is a research fellow in the Ultrafast Bio- and Nanophotonics group at INL while pursuing his PhD studies at University of Vigo (UVigo), Spain, under the supervision of Dr Jana B. Nieder at INL and in co-supervision with Prof. Humberto Michinel from UVigo, working theoretically and experimentally on light-matter interactions, involving nanolight sources and 3D optical interconnects.

Ricardo holds a Master degree in Physics Engineering from Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal. Previously, he performed an internship at Aarhus University (Denmark), in the AU-UV beam line of the synchrotron storage ring, ASTRID2 (2015), collaborated with LIBPhys-UNL (Universidade Nova de Lisboa) in the enhancement of detection limits of an energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence portable setup for in-situ analysis (2016), took part in the INL Summer Internship Programme in 2D materials for super-resolution Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy (FLIM) (2016) and completed his Master’s thesis in near-field effects for nanoscale-sensitive biosensing (2017).

Selected Publications