Rui Rocha

Research Fellow
Integrated Micro and Nanotechnologies

Rui Pedro is a Research Fellow in the Integrated Micro and Nanotechnologies Group at INL. His research and work activities will be primarily on the project “Microfabrication and sensors for dispensing systems” which consists of developing a system of micro-structured elements for the study and real-time measurement of liquid solder diffusion.

Rui has finished in 2013 the Doctoral Program in Leaders for Technical Industries of the MIT-Portugal Program with the practical component of his thesis dealing mainly with the design and fabrication of customizable plano-convex microlenses fabricated directly on the surface of a photodetecting substrate. He has authored and co-authored more than thirty publications in journals, conferences, book chapters and posters. Before joining INL he has worked on micro/nanotechnologies nationally and internationally, had industrial experiences and has worked on several projects between Academia and Industry.