Sofia Teixeira

Scientific Associate
System Biology

Sofia is an NRN Research Fellow at Swansea University and Centre for NanoHealth. In collaboration with Inês Pinto, head of the cell mechanics lab at INL, Sofia is developing a biosensor for the detection of epigenetic biomarkers associated with cancer risk and progression.

Sofia holds a degree in Biological Engineering awarded by University of Minho and a Master in Technology, science and food safety by the University of Porto and University of Minho. Sofia graduated from the College of Engineering, Swansea University in 2014 with a PhD in Nanotechnology and Biosensing. Her current research interests include the development of novel nanosensors for early disease diagnosis. Working within the Centre for NanoHealth, her research involves molecular and cell biology techniques together with high-resolution material fabrication, functionalization and characterisation to develop next generation biosensors.

Selected Publications