Telma Domingues

Research Fellow
2D Materials and Devices 

Telma Domingues is a Research Fellow at INL in Quantum & Energy Materials department in 2D Materials and Devices research group/unit. Her research activity focuses on the detection of different species of Malaria Parasites with a graphene transistor (multiplex sensor).

Telma did her degree in Biochemistry and the master’s degree in Micro and Nano Technologies, the last at University of Minho and with high marks. Her master’s thesis was entitled “Understanding DNA-DNA interactions using Graphene Transistors” and allowed her to work with graphene and DNA together. Her background is focused on the development of graphene biosensors (graphene transistors) for the detection of DNA, using a probe DNA immobilised on the surface of graphene that can bind to a target (the one we want to detect and that is complementary to the probe).