Tiago Oliveira

Research Engineer
Micro and Nanofabrication Facility

Tiago graduated from University of Minho with a master’s in Electronics engineering, focusing on microelectronics. His master’s thesis was made entirely in Erasmus, having spent 11 months in RWTH Aachen working on a needles with double-sided electrodes project, working with the etching variables on the RIE machine to achieve faster glass etching results. Wafer bonding techniques were also studied.

Having come back to Portugal, he tried to pursue a writing career with critical articles. He started an online publication, Libratum (Latin for balanced), where he writes articles about different topics, always trying to bring them back to the basics, to keep them balanced. They almost always follow the same structure: the problem is too fractured and we’re only focusing on the superficial, we have got to go back to basics and rebalance things with new tools and variables so that we can achieve sustainability for all involved.

At INL Tiago hopes to take this style of thinking into the work he’ll do, finding the balanced way to the goal. Also, since so many of his readings and writings were from so many different topics, he hopes to mix them here like origami, biology, different exotic shapes and mechanics other than flat shapes. What could we build, differently?