Ursula Hultkvist Bengtsson

International Business Advisory Board

Ursula Hultkvist Bengtsson, CEO and founder of MultiHelix AB in 2016, is based in Lund, Sweden. MultiHelix is running a Think Tank in Life Sciences as well as an international secretariat for Twins´International MultiHelix (TIM) – a super life science cluster organisation with prescence in North America, Asia and Europe. Ursula joined Medicon Village AB in Lund, Sweden, a life science village for research, innovation and business, as Executive VP from the start in 2012. Ursula has led the strategic development of Medicon Village in a triple helix format. Before this role, Ursula joined AstraZeneca in 1995 and have held a number of different roles ranging from early drug discovery to commercial roles and Site head. Ursula earned her PhD in Animal Physiology in 1988, Lund University, and became Associate Professor in Bio Pharmacy in 2003, Uppsala University in Sweden.