Weng Kung Peng

Group Leader

Precision Medicine – Engineering

Weng Kung is a Research Group Leader (2017) at International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory. His research group interest focuses on developing and translating technological innovations (e.g., NMR-based PoCT, machine learning) for rapid-phenotyping of ´molecular fingerprint´ of diseases (e.g., malaria, diabetes and hemoglobinopathies) using a single drop of blood.

Weng Kung received his bachelor degree in Theoretical Physics from University of Malaya, Malaysia (2003), and completed his PhD from Osaka University, Japan (2008). He then became a Junior Investigator at BioSyM-SMART, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) by winning the highly competitive SMART Postdoctoral Fellowship and subsequently promoted to the role of Research Scientist.

He authored several seminal papers which appeared in Nature Medicine, Communications Biology, npj Aging and Mechanisms of Disease, Review of Scientific Instrumentation, and attracted worldwide press coverages (e.g., The Guardian, Nature). Weng Kung is the recipient of several awards such as Japan Ministry of Science and Technology Scholar, SMART MIT Postdoctoral Fellowship, and SMART MIT Technology Ignition. In 2014, Weng Kung was listed as one of the Top 100 Global Thinkers – under the Category Healers, in recognition of his team disruptive technology. Top 100 Global Thinkers is an annual list published by Foreign Policy magazine recognizing the world’s pre-eminent thought leaders and public intellectuals, which among other recipients were Jennifer Doudna, Mark Zuckerberg, and Jack Ma.

Selected Publications