William Peter Wardley

Research Fellow
Natural and artificial photonic structures and devices

William is a research fellow at INL and works in the Natural and Artificial Photonic Structures and Devices Group (Department of Nanophotonics). He is working on natural photonic structures as well as nanofabricated analogues, or biomimetic structures, to investigate light harvesting for photosynthesis. His focus will be on designing and building a multi-use microscopy system suitable for simultaneous spectroscopy and photosynthesis fluorescence studies and fabrication of nanostructures for the investigation of fluorescent behaviour of photosynthesising systems.

William studied Chemical Physics (MPhys) at the University of Sheffield before taking up a PhD at King’s College London. The subject of his thesis was the design, fabrication and characterization of plasmonic nanostructures and metamaterials in the ultraviolet, which involved the design and construction of an ultraviolet spectroscopy lab. He then continued as a post-doc at King’s, both continuing and extending the work of his thesis and also working on making metamaterials in unusual places, such as the end of an optical fibre and on the curved surfaces of lenses. He moved to INL in November 2018.