Xavier Pinheiro

Research Fellow
Nanofabrication Optoelectronic Applications

Xavier Pinheiro is a Research Fellow working on the Nanofabrication Optoelectronic Application’s Group at the International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory (INL) in Braga, Portugal. Currently working within the project “SafeChrome”, aiming at developing new PVD coatings based on polymers, brass, aluminium to substitute galvanisation processes of Cr(VI).

Xavier obtained an MSc degree in Physics Engineering in November 2021 from the University of Coimbra. In his master thesis, entitled “Development of Nanolaminates for Carrier Selectivity” and developed at NOA, he used PECVD and Magnetron Sputtering methods to develop nanolaminates, multi-layered low dimensions structures, to function as selective contacts in CIGS solar cells. To access the selective capabilities and overall properties, he used advanced characterization techniques as Ellipsometry, XRD, XPS, UPS, REELS, and others. Moreover, Xavier is interested in Applied Physics, related to Solid State Physics, Material Science, Quantum Physics, and Optics.