International Business Advisory Board

INL aims to play a leading role, at international level, in facilitating and coordinating the implementation of nanotechnology-based research programmes and projects that generate valuable knowledge, products and services for the benefit of industry & society.

To support achieving these goals, INL has established during 2017 an International Business Advisory Board (IBAB), with the mission to:

  • Provide critical strategic guidance in INL´s business development strategy.
  • Identify any recent or long-term developments and/or concerns of industry which are likely to have a significant impact on INL’s activities.
  • Help or support INL on major strategic initiatives, such as the establishment of innovative research activities, fund-raising initiatives etc.
  • Explore other ways in which INL can catalyze, encourage and foster a higher level of industry involvement in its research activities.
  • Advise and review on best practices for INL’s Incubation and Acceleration initiatives.
  • Promote INL and scout new relationships for INL among individuals or companies in order to expand the pool of potential industrial collaborations.
  • Select on a yearly basis one industry-related research project as the winner of the INL Industry Project Prize.
  • Attend commercial conferences in the region of the Board Member as a representative of INL.

The IBAB is composed of high level industry executives with a wealth of experience in areas related with business consulting, management, supporting start-ups and on creating start-up investment funds.

Members are appointed for an initial three-year term and shall be eligible for reelection for a maximum of a second term.

Former Members of the International Business Advisory Board:

Massimo Gentili

Yvonne Mårtensson