Way of Work (WoW)

Our way of work (WoW) is based on a practical, collaborative and open innovation model. Together with industrial partners, our research teams- of leading international experts- engage in an open innovation process with businesses, to create and capture value from their production processes. We explore scientific concepts and their application to products and industrial production processes, developing timely and relevant solutions, which lead to industry’s higher productivity and competitiveness.


Our principles

It Takes Two: Customized Services and Projects

We focus our attention on delivering consistent and great quality services and projects by working jointly with each customer, fostering shared goals and common understanding.

We meet customers’ objectives and requirements by setting up the right questions and the required interactions in order to answer customers’ needs with suitable and cutting edge technologies.


Our team regularly works on critically confidential projects. Before discussing details of a potential collaboration, confidentiality will be ensured by means of a Non-Disclosure Agreement reflecting the type of engagement and the role of each project partner.

Our standard Non-Disclosure Agreement model allows solving legal issues through arbitration. This way of working offers simplicity and promotes speedy handling. Our international status enable us to work in the international dimension. We can formally work with any other institutions worldwide using a unified concept.

Secure Creations of the Mind

We offer strong expertise in managing Intellectual Property Rights in Key Enabling Technologies KETs). Our reasoning is to encourage innovation and warrantee an exclusive position for reaching end-users.

INL’s Innovation Department is responsible for supporting the identification of potential inventions, manage the exploitation process.

“International Market Square”

We at INL offer an international market square for nanotechnology and Key Enabling Technologies (KETs). Through us, our partners can easily reach international governments and countries. This possibility is very unique and works in two directions (technology offers and technology requests) since through INL entities – the governments and industrial and academic partners – can get access to the most promising technologies. So, in reality we offer a global (Virtual) international market for nanotechnology and key enabling technologies.