Working with Start-ups

We provide a business acceleration program and incubation services for nanotech based startups with global ambitions.

INL incubator is focused on nanotechnology based solutions to meet the biggest global and societal challenges of our time. Service features:

  • Strong Emphasis on market needs, product and worldwide market fit;
  • Program (up to 10 start-ups) allowing for very personalized services;
  • Provides access to over 30M€ million worth of equipment;
  • Provides access to an international network of mentors (business, financial, legal and communication areas);

The Incubator is fully integrated within INL’s high-quality research infrastructure. Special Features:

  • Leading provider of support to innovative, new nanotech based companies;
  • Offers a one of a kind innovation ecosystem focused of nanotechnology;
  • Offers a new focus for enterprise development, providing a pleasant and creative atmosphere in INL´s campus;
  • Promotes business internationalisation through strategic alliances;
  • Provides a hub where you can explore the world of “making” with the motivational support from INL´s vibrant and creative research community;
  • Engagement & Support for collaborative projects.

The Incubation at INL is oriented to high tech start-up projects incorporating nanotechnology concepts and research activities. The aim is to create optimal conditions for the development of innovative companies based on nanotechnology.
All potential entrepreneurs and early stage companies (up to 3 years) are encouraged to contact INL to evaluate their business idea and get assistance in the development of their proof of concept or prototype.

Type of Projects:

The INL Incubation is open for three type of initiatives:

  • Start-up projects in the field of nanotechnology;
  • New nanotechnology-based firms with less than 3 years;
  • Spin-off companies coming from INL staff.

We offer:

  • Mentoring to business development
  • Access to laboratories and high tech equipment
  • Access to co-work space
  • Access to training programmes
  • Networking with innovation partners in an international scale.

INL Incubator provides mentoring, equipment and technical support that will enable start-ups to realise their technological potential in order to create and develop their business into the market.

Services and Facilities

We settled a range of administrative and technical support to the maturation and validation of innovative projects in the field of nanotech with global ambitions.


  • Co-work space with 5 working spaces in an area of 80m2 inside INL;
  • Access to a shared laboratory space with 40m2 equipped with standard conveniences;
  • Access to over 30M€ million worth of high-tech equipment and clean room in a timesharing scheme;
  • Access to conference room, meeting room, internet.

Support Team:

A support team covering all strategic areas related to the creation and development of high-tech start-up companies, namely experts in innovation, technology transfer, IPR, business creation, and financing/investments.


A large network of partnerships with local actors, business experts, companies, scientific organizations at national and international level.


Incubation Conditions:

The maximum incubation period are 3 years, with renewable six-month contracts, subject to the merit and performance assessment of the project or company.

The Incubation Program includes an open office area with one or more workplaces to be occupied by the company. The services include: Mentoring Support; Access to training in different topics; basic services (Electricity, Cleaning, Security, Internet); Meeting Rooms, and reception services.

The Incubator is fully integrated within INL’s high-quality research infrastructure, offering access to a shared laboratories and equipment offerings a one of a kind innovation ecosystem focused of nanotechnology.


Access to INL Incubation Program

All ideas are good but not all of them can turn in a business project!

Projects selection are carried out according to the following criteria:

  • Technological and innovative aspects of the project linked to INL background: Nanoengineering/Nanoelectronics; Life Science; Quantum Materials; Nanophotonics; Micro and Nanofabrication.
  • Degree of project maturity: it can be an idea/project concept but it must be feasible at scientific and technical level, with a high-value market application;
  • The entrepreneurial background: the entrepreneur(s) must show to be aware of the economic and financial feasibility of the project (market segments, IPR issues, scale-up; funding, etc…)

The admission into INL incubation is subject to a selection process as follows:

  • 1) Screening stage: submitting the application form (see below)
  • 2) Project selection stage by the Accreditation Committee: based on the application and personal contact/interview (if needed) a team of experts will evaluate the Application and decide for the invitation to INL Incubation
  • 3) If approved: signature of NDA agreement and Incubation Agreement that settles the conditions of usage.

You just need to fill out the Application Form to apply for the INL Incubation Program.