User Access

Access to Facilities

To have access to INL user facilities, external users must first submit their application by filling in the request form:

Requests will be assessed by the respective Facility Manager who provides a Statement of Work to be accepted by the Institution. After conclusion of the request procedure, facility users will receive an email with personal credentials to access the Laboratory Information Management System http://lims.inl.int.This platform supports the management of all equipment, including training request, booking, logging and billing.


Details for all INL equipment are listed under the tools menu in LIMS.  All users must request license and complete training before they are allowed to use any INL equipment. Training requirements for each instrument are set under the instrument page. To schedule training, the user must apply for the respective license under the tools menu on the instrument detail page (which can be found by selecting the instrument from the list). The tool instructor will immediately receive a notification and schedule the first training session with the user.

 Booking/Logging an Equipment

Once training is completed, the instructor will release the license for that specific equipment. At this point, the user is eligible to use the instrument. Please note that booking is mandatory in some systems, while is optional in others. Yet, users who have booked an equipment or instrument have priority over those who did not. For booking please follow the instructions for each instrument. After using the instrument, the user must fill the log form.schedule the first training session with the user.


All users will be billed according to the number of hours used in each equipment, based on INL current table of prices (available upon request). If assistance is required, costs with personnel will also be charged. All users will be billed for the total number of hours booked unless the user cancels it more than one day in advance. The users will not be billed for a reservation if the equipment is down.