Carla Lopes

Research Fellow

Carla is a Research Fellow at the Nanosafety Group and her work is focused on the computational analysis of life cycle to evaluate the environmental impact of nanomaterials.

Carla holds an Integrated Master’s Degree in Biological Engineering from the University of Minho. During her graduation, she collaborated with the University of Santiago de Compostela, on the Risk Assessment related to organic waste valorisation as soil fertiliser, by studying the possible biotransfer of heavy metals to the food chain. Carla received her PhD in Science and Food Technology from the University of Vigo. This work was conducted in the Food Biochemistry and BioProcess Engineering groups at the Marine Research Institute from the Spanish National Research Council (IIM-CSIC). Her PhD was focused on the sustainability assessment of the valorisation processes of the marine biomass, which included the application of the environmental management tools, the multi-criteria decision-making analysis, the experimental design in the field of chemical processes and bioprocesses, the kinetic modelling based on artificial neural networks and optimisation methods. Her main research area is focused on Environmental Engineering and Biotechnology to propose innovative processes/systems based on environmentally friendly technologies within the paradigms of sustainable development.

Selected Publications