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The INL International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory, located in Braga (North of Portugal) was founded by the governments of Portugal and Spain under an international legal framework to perform interdisciplinary research, deploy and articulate nanotechnology for the benefit of society. INL aims to become the world-wide hub for nanotechnology addressing society’s grand challenges.

The Research and Technology activities are focused on six clusters: Health, Food, Energy, Environment, ICT and Future Emerging Technologies, which complement each other and provide a base for interdisciplinary interactions between our research.
The full-fledged nanotechnology laboratory enables leading research of the highest international standard.

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Research, Technology, and Innovation Clusters

Research, Technology, and Innovation Clusters

Latest Scientific Publications

Diego Colombara and Hossam Elanzeery and Nicoleta Nicoara and Deepanjan Sharma andMarcel Claro and Torsten Schwarz and Anna Koprek and Max Hilaire Wolter and Michele Melchiorre and Mohit Sood and Nathalie Valle and Oleksandr Bondarchuk and Finn Babbe and Conrad Spindler and Oana Cojocaru-Miredin and Dierk Raabe and Phillip J. Dale and Sascha Sadewasser and Susanne Siebentritt

Chemical instability at chalcogenide surfaces impacts chalcopyrite devices well beyond the surface (article)

Nature Communications , 2020

Ernesto F. Galvão and Daniel J. Brod

Quantum and classical bounds for two-state overlaps (article)

Physical Review A , 2020

Taira Giordani ,Daniel J Brod, Chiara Esposito, Niko Viggianiello, Marco Romano, Fulvio Flamini, Gonzalo Carvacho, Nicolò Spagnolo, Ernesto F Galvão, and Fabio Sciarrino

Experimental quantification of four-photon indistinguishability (article)

New Journal of Physics , 2020

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