Food for the Future

Food for the Future

INL Cluster

The increase in world population has implications for the food supply and the conventional methods currently used. To address this need, we at INL work towards applying nanotechnology to build a better future Agri-food system.

The entire food value chain needs to be more efficient regarding nutrition, safety, authenticity, shelf-life and taste. We are working to meet the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 1: ‘No Poverty’, 2: ‘Zero Hunger’ and 12: ‘Responsible Consumption and Production’. At INL, we apply nanotechnologies to build a more sustainable food system, monitoring and optimising the processes that form the food value chain. 

The scientific community at INL is part of an ecosystem of IT innovators, the financial sector, companies, consumers, associations, and other stakeholders throughout the food chain, promoting open innovation to face the food system’s future.

Food Packaging

A high-performing food packaging solution can extend the shelf-life and reduce food waste.

Food Personalisation

Technological developments allow us to engineer food ingredients’ bioactivity and structure to produce fully personalised functional foods.

Food Control and Traceability

Analyse food processes to ensure safety, authenticity and quality, all with a miniaturised, fast and reliable analytical tool.


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