Precise Personalised Health Tech

Precise Personalised Health Tech

INL Cluster

To address the health challenges present today in society, we explore new technologies combining both the biological understanding of diagnostics, therapeutics, theranostics, drug delivery, and biomarkers with the engineering capabilities in sensors, microfluidics, fluid mechanics, electronics, nuclear magnetic resonance, integration, photonics, imaging and microscopy.

The two main health challenges of the world’s population growth are the 3 main diseases accounting for EU mortality (cancer, cardiovascular, and infectious diseases); and the increase in the elderly population based on overall life expectancy. Our research is aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Developmental Goal 3: ‘Good Health and Well-being’. We aim to:

  • Contribute to citizens’ well-being and health using nano-bio-technologies,
  • Engineer new systems/strategies/devices for early and accurate diagnosis of diseases,
  • Develop new therapeutic approaches for personalized, effective treatment of diseases with fewer side effects, and
  • Promote a cost-effective and accessible healthcare system for all.  

Precision Health

Nano-enabled medical technologies allow prevention, earlier diagnosis and personalised treatment of diseases with fewer side effects for a precise sustainable medicine.

Advanced Models

Smart, multifunctional, advanced disease models and organ-on-a-chip systems enable the evaluation of disease biomarkers and therapy testing for the pharmaceutical industry.


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