Nanophotonics & Bioimaging

Nanophotonics & Bioimaging

The Nanophotonics & Bioimaging (NBI) facility features cutting-edge optical instrumentation and the know-how required for the characterization of material and life sciences samples. 

The INL expert team provides knowledge in the analysis of light-matter interactions at various scales: reaching from the detection of individual fluorescent molecules or nanoparticles to the high-resolution label-free and fluorescence-based imaging of fixed and live cells, e.g. in 2D cell models or tissues.

Furthermore, we are experienced in designing optically active nanomaterials and characterising e.g. plasmonic interaction effects or surface-enhanced Raman effects (SERS) and studying optical properties of metamaterials.

Operating as an open access facility, we provide support in training and service measurements on spectroscopy and imaging equipment, as well as complementary services, such as specimen/sample preparation, flow cytometry, and spectral or image analysis. Since 2020, the NBI facility is integrated in the Portuguese Platform of Bioimaging (PPBI) (link to

New generation imaging and spectroscopy solutions that:

  • Are characterized by multimodality for faster and more comprehensive analysis of your samples and allowing correlative imaging analysis
  • Involve the use of INL-developed innovative contrast agents
  • Allow optical super-resolution – surpassing the typical few hundreds of nanometre resolution in diffraction-limited classical microscopy and approaching the nanometre scale.

The Team