Sara M. Oliveira

Research Engineer
Food Processing

Sara M. Oliveira holds a diploma in Biomedical Engineering (2010) and a PhD (2014) in Bioengineering Systems, from the University of Minho. Her master’s thesis focused on the preparation and modification of superhydrophobic surfaces to study cell-materials interactions. Late 2010 and 2011 were dedicated to the curricular courses and the innovation BioTeams project of the PhD program (MIT-Portugal). In late 2011, she used marine origin polysaccharides, layer-by-layer assembling and human platelet lysate to create nanostructured cell interfaces to promote cell adhesion, proliferation, osteogenic differentiation of human stem cells or a pro-angiogenic behavior on endothelial cells, in 2D and 3D printed scaffolds, at 3B’s Research Group. In 2014, she worked with silk fibroin protein and marine polysaccharides pursuing new hybrid hydrogels at University of Trento (Italy). In February 2015, she worked as a postdoc at 3B’s on bioprinting of stem cells encapsulated in natural-derived bioinks.
In November 2016, she started at the INL as research fellow to develop food textures and explore the potential of food printing technologies to improve human well-being and health.

Selected Publications