Adelaide Miranda

Research Engineer
Medical Devices 

Adelaide Miranda is currently a Research Engineer of the Medical Devices Group at the Department of Life Sciences at INL. She joined the Installation Commission of the International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory in May 2009 as a member of the technical staff and was detached to IMDEA, Madrid, Spain and later to INESC-MN, Lisboa, Portugal. In 2010, Adelaide started at new facilities of INL and in 2011 she becomes a member of the Applied Nano-Optics Group working on the projects related to nanomedicine. Along with her technical responsibilities on INL her current research interests are focused on developing and applying a variety of microscopic imaging tools to study lipid bilayers, liposomes and nanoparticle-lipid complexes within a biological native environment in real-time.

Adelaide holds a PhD (2011) degree in Chemistry from the University of Porto, mainly focused on the synthesis of noble metal nanoparticles. Adelaide is a member of the Biophysical Society (BPS) and has contributed to eight peer-reviewed articles, one conference proceeding, eight oral contributions and several poster presentations to international conferences and is the co-inventor on one international patent application.

Selected Publications