Andrea Capasso

Staff Researcher
2D Materials and Devices

Andrea is a Staff Researcher in tenure-track, PI of the Graphene-enhanced Electro-Magnetic interference Shielding (GEMIS) project funded by FCT/ANI (€1.2M). He has an MSc in Electronic Engineering (University of Roma TRE, Italy) and a PhD in Nanotechnology (Queensland University of Technology, Australia). He formerly held research positions at the Queensland University of Technology in Australia, ENEA and Italian Institute of Technology in Italy, and Yonsei University in Korea. He recently promoted collaborative research projects with Korean institutions, funded by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Andrea’s research is focused on the development of innovative processes for scalable production of graphene and 2D crystals. By controlling and tuning the materials’ properties, he design and create advanced technologies devoted to energy harvesting, optoelectronics, and neuroscience applications. In his career, Andrea was awarded €200k in personal grants and have cooperated in several international projects securing a total of €5M. He published more than 40 articles in international journals, 2 book chapters, and presented at 40 conferences over 4 continents.

Selected Publications