Andrey Ipatov

Research Fellow 
Food Quality and Safety 

Andrey Ipatov is a research fellow at Life Science Department at INL. He is currently involved in projects which aims to develop of microfluidic devices for the extraction, amplification and detection of environmental DNA. Particularly, he is models and fabricates microfluidic cell components with CNC milling machine, Laser cutter and other techniques. His scientific interests also include flow injection analysis, electrochemical sensors, chemometrics, sensors array, development of new analytical methods and portable flow systems for analysis of liquids.

Dr. Andrey holds a PhD Degree in Nature Science (2001) from RUC (Denmark), a PhD degree in Analytical Chemistry from (2000) SPbGU (Russia), a Master of Science in Radiochemistry (1993) from SPbGU (Russia).

Selected Publications

  • JR Azcón, FJS Baeza, MPM Colas, AB Nikiforov, N Abramova, A Ipatov.
    Multi-analyte system and method based on impedimetric measurements.
    2015, US Patent 9,170,227.
  • M Gutiérrez‐Capitán, A Ipatov, Á Merlos, C Jiménez‐Jorquera, …
    Compact Electrochemical Flow System for the Analysis of Environmental Pollutants.
    2014, Electroanalysis 26 (3), 497-506.
  • N Abramova, A Bratov, A Ipatov, S Levichev, A Aris, EM Rodríguez.
    New flow-through analytical system based on ion-selective field effect transistors with optimised calcium selective photocurable membrane for bovine serum analysis.
    2013, Talanta 113, 31-35.
  • M Gutiérrez, C Domingo, J Vila-Planas, A Ipatov, F Capdevila, …
    Hybrid electronic tongue for the characterization and quantification of grape variety in red wines.
    Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 2011, 156 (2), 695-702.
  • A Ipatov, K Zinoviev, N Abramova, A Bratov.
    Light addressable potentiometric sensor array: A new approach for light beam positioning.
    Procedia Engineering, 2010 5, 625-628.
  • Codinachs, L. M. I.; Kloock, J. P.; Schoning, M. J.; Baldi, A.; Ipatov, A.; Bratov, A.; Jimenez-Jorquera, C.
    Electronic integrated multisensor tongue applied to grape juice and wine analysis.
    Analyst 2008, 133, 1440-48.