Filipe Alves

Staff Researcher
Integrated Micro and Nanotechnologies

Filipe Alves is currently a Staff Researcher within the Integrated Micro and Nanotechnologies Research Group at INL. His research is focused on the development of new sensor solutions that go from the design, modelling and fabrication of the MEMS sensor element to the instrumentation and control electronics, both at the discrete and integrated level.

He obtained his PhD in the microelectronics research field, focusing on pull-in based MEMS inclinometers with integrated electronics at the University of Minho, in collaboration with the Delft University of Technology. Before joining INL as a Research Fellow, he was an assistant professor at the Industrial Electronics Department of the University of Minho. During his fellowship at the Nanodevices Research Group, he worked on the design and implementation of implantable intra-ocular eye pressure monitoring systems, based on flexible MEMS pressure sensors.

Selected Publications

  • Alves, F. S., Dias, R. A., Cabral, J. M., Gaspar, J., & Rocha, L. A. (2014).
    High-Resolution MEMS Inclinometer Based on Pull-In Voltage.
    Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems, 24(4), 931-939.
  • Dias, R. A., Alves, F. S., Costa, M., Fonseca, H., Cabral, J., Gaspar, J., & Rocha, L. A. (2015).
    Real-Time Operation and Characterization of a High-Performance Time-Based Accelerometer.
    Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems, 24(6), 1703-1711.
  • Brito, N., Ferreira, C., Alves, F., Cabral, J., Gaspar, J., Monteiro, J., & Rocha, L. (2016).
    Digital platform for wafer-level MEMS testing and characterization using electrical response.
    Sensors (Switzerland), 16(9).
  • F Leitão, E Moreira, F Alves, M Lourenço, O Azevedo, J Gaspar, L Rocha (2018)
    High-Resolution Seismocardiogram Acquisition and Analysis System
    Sensors 18, 3441
  • Machado, R., Cabral, J., & Alves, F. S. (2019)
    All-Digital Time-to-Digital Converter Design Methodology Based on Structured Data Paths
    IEEE Access, 7, 108447–108457