Juan Gallo

Staff Researcher

Juan Gallo is currently a Staff Research in the Nanomedicine group within the Health Cluster at INL. His research interests focus on the combination of molecular imaging with therapy through nanotechnology to improve current medical disease management. Our focus is on the use of magnetic nanomaterials that can act as contrast agents in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and as effectors in magnetic hyperthermia (MH). To be able to advance in the development of multifunctional systems, we work heavily to understand the fundamentals of the processes involved (e.g. T1-T2 interactions in MRI, heating processes in MH, the performance of confined magnetic systems, responsive drug delivery systems and imaging agents). From the application point of view, we are interested in the development of combinatorial treatments incorporating monitoring capacities mainly in the field of oncology. We have also a keen interest in the development on new concepts in the area of immunomodulation, where we work in three different but related aspects: immunostimulation against cancer, immunosuppression in cases of organ transplantation and against autoimmune diseases and immunotoxicity.

Juan Gallo obtained his PhD from the University of the Basque Country working at CIC biomaGUNE under Prof. Penadés on the development of specific molecular imaging nanoparticle probes. Then he moved to the UK where he spent four years at Imperial College London working for Profs. Long and Aboagye developing specific nanoparticulated probes as contrast agents for different medical imaging technologies such as MRI, PET, optical imaging and ultrasound. In 2015 he joined INL, initially as a Marie Curie CoFund fellow.

Selected Publications