Mariana Carvalho

Facility Manager
Nanophotonics & Bioimaging Facility

Mariana is a Physicist with extensive experience in optics, mainly in optical coherence tomography (OCT) and optical microscopy devices (SPIM, fluorescent, confocal and non-linear microscopy). She is expert in optics and microscopy with more than 20 years of laboratory experience. Her main research area is in Bio-nano-photonics and in INL she also worked on the development of new tools for in vivo diagnosis, specific in applications on cardiovascular diseases.

As the Nanophotonics & Bioimaging Facility Manager at INL, Mariana provides support and training in optical spectroscopy and microscopy tools, as well as advising and providing services on sample preparation and imaging analysis. She is the link between INL and external users (researchers and industries, local and international) with optics issues, targeting to deliver new ways to add value to the research and development of the facility users. Additionally, she is involved in R&D projects that aim to test new imaging methods or imaging modes, establishing new protocols with relevance for the microscopy user community.

Mariana holds a Physics Bachelor’s degree (2001), MSc (2002) and DSc (2006) from UFPE-Brazil, where she worked in the Biophotonics group at the physics department. She was a visiting student at MIT-USA (2004-2005), in Prof. James Fujimoto’s group, working with spectral OCT. She worked, for 3 years in the industry, developing optical systems for devices for ophthalmic purposes and for aerospace cameras. She was a postdoc researcher at IFSC/USP (2010-2013), working on multiphoton microscopy and photodynamic therapy. She was a visiting researcher at Durham University (2014-2015) working on adaptive optics systems applied for SPIM. Before coming to INL, she was a postdoc researcher at UFPE, working on nonlinear optics applied to the research and characterization of random lasers, developing nanomaterials for larvae control and OCT applied to skin diseases and to dentistry.

Selected Publications