Miguel Xavier

Research Fellow
Food Processing and Nutrition

Miguel Xavier is a Research Fellow at the INL working in the Department of Life Sciences within the Food Processing and Nutrition research group. Miguel’s work focuses on the development of a new Gut-On-Chip platform to assess the bioavailability and safety of orally administered compounds.

Miguel obtained his PhD from the University of Southampton (UK) where he investigated label-free approaches based on microfluidics to sort skeletal stem cells (SSCs) from human bone marrow. He also worked in Southampton as a post-doctoral research fellow investigating i) the use of Nanoflares to isolate SSCs based on novel markers identified by single-cell RNA sequencing using DropSeq and ii) the optimisation of a novel 3D microfluidic Lung-On-Chip model.

Since 2016 Miguel was the first author of 5 publications in international peer-reviewed journals. Miguel has also secured funding to support his research and received scientific awards including the Gold Medal for Excellence in Engineering by a Young Researcher at the STEM for Britain competition held in the UK at the houses of parliament.

Selected Publications