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European Research Infrastructure on Semiconductor Chips

InfraChip is to implement the first integrated, distributed research infrastructure as a wider European research platform for the sustainable development of next-generation and future semiconductor chips. InfraChip will mobilise a critical mass of people, expert knowledge and technology blocks, and capital investment on state-of-the-art equipment to address the EU’s twin digital and green transition and ensure Europe’s capacity to innovate at the early to medium readiness levels. Building on existing RI communities, namely ASCENT+ on Nanoelectronics, EMERGE on Sustainable Flexible Electronics and EnABLES on Powering the Internet of Things (IoT), the InfraChip initiative will advance the state-of-the-art by supporting comprehensive user projects for multi-and-transdisciplinary path-finding research on sustainable Information and Communications Technologies (ICT)driven by the secure edge. These challenge-driven projects will target the introduction of new materials, proof-of-concept and feasibility studies of new manufacturing processes or disruptive technologies. To accelerate the translation of results from the lab to the fab, InfraChip will channel project activities to Testing and Experimentation Facilities, European Digital Innovation Hubs and Pilot Lines. InfraChip will also develop talent and train a skilled workforce through its Research Accelerator Programme and additional hands-on courses and education resources to support early career innovators and the high-value semiconductor industry. As a whole, InfraChip will significantly contribute to research and innovation capacity within the objectives of the European Chips Act.

Total Eligible Budget

14,457,463.00 €

INL Eligible Budget

439,916.00 €

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14,457,463.00 €

INL Funding

439,916.00 €

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RIA Research and Innovation action

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Pillar I – Excellence Science