Mitesh Parmar

Research Fellow
Systems Engineering

Mitesh Parmar is a research fellow of Systems Engineering group with Joao Piteira at the department of Nanoelectronics Engineering. His research project focuses on the development of various environmental gas sensors (CO2, CO, methane) and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) sensors to deploy on a portable platform having RF communications, and signal processing capability.

Before joining INL, his postdoctoral experience includes his research tenures at South Korea, India and France in the fields of gas/chemical sensor developments and piezoelectric/triboelectric energy harvesters. He obtained the doctoral (PhD) degree in 2012 from Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore, India. His doctoral research was centred at the development of p-type nanostructured metal oxide gas sensor under the guidance of Prof. K. Rajanna. His expertise lies in the design and development of sensors and various energy harvesters; thin films; nanomaterials; piezo-materials; composite polymers; FEM analysis (COVENTOREWARE®, COMSOL®, ANSYS®); testing setups and performance testing of the sensors.

Selected Publications