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The International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory- INL is an Intergovernmental Organisation created to foster interdisciplinary research in Nanotechnology and Nanoscience. Aiming to become a vital part of Europe’s scientific area, INL provides a high-tech research environment addressing major challenges in nanomedicine, nanotechnology applied to environmental & food control nanoelectronics, and nanomachines and molecular manipulation at nanoscale.

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published 04-24-2015

INL is now launching the 2015 INL Summer Internship Programme. This initiative will allow 20 students to take part in ongoing research projects during the summer of 2015. They must be in their fourth or fifth year of their studies (Bologna 2nd cycle) and candidates must be pursuing a degree in sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, or equivalent), Engineering (Electrical, Biological, Biomedi...

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INL facilities extend over a total area of 47.000 m2 in one of the most desirable areas of Braga. It is close to Minho University, several leisure and sports grounds and residential areas

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